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Baneasa is in the north of Bucharest bordered to the south by Baneasa lake and to the east by the area of Pipera. It boasts the largest shopping mall in Bucharest, Baneasa shopping city as well as the American embassy and very good links to the rest of the city. The rental options in the area can roughly be split into two distinct areas. In the old area of Baneasa at the northern tip of Herastrau park the area is defined by its older style apartment blocks of no more than four levels situated on tree-lined streets giving it a neighbourly feel. In contrast, heading east towards Pipera the area becomes more contemporary with it's taller, luxury apartment blocks and residential compounds. This fusion of styles is reflected in the wide choice of rental opportunities available in Baneasa, starting with one bedroom apartments of 50 sqm up to houses of 4 bedrooms with swimming pools. This, together with the fact that the areas of Pipera or the areas towards the city center can be quickly and easily reached by either public transport or car, makes Baneasa a very popular choice for new Bucharest residents.