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Herastrau residential area is one of the most recently developed areas in Bucharest and was constructed with one idea in mind, upmarket urban dwellings. In the past 25 years the area (often called 'French Village') has attracted a major proportion of expats moving to Bucharest, in part because all of the buildings are new, but also in large part because of the 'parkside' living. Herastrau Park is the largest city park in Europe and is Bucharest's 'Central Park', and living next to it has the same significance as it does to New Yorkers. The park has also developed to meet the requirements of the new residents, meaning a host of restaurants, bars, playgrounds and sports clubs are literally on their doorstep. Most of the development here is apartment blocks, although there are some villas mixed in. The rental offers in the area are numerous and they cover the whole market spectrum from one bedroom apartments of 60-70sqm to luxurious penthouses with 4 or 5 bedrooms of 300sqm. The most sought after apartments are, of course the ones located on Soseaua Nordului (The North Road), that have an open view to the park and you can expect to pay a premium for them. The proximity to Herastrau park plus the absence of traffic makes the neighbourhood a very popular choice for prospective residents including families with children. The area is well connected to the center and to northern parts of the city by bus and metro and there are also several supermarkets and gyms in the area, all of which contribute to a high standard of living.