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Pipera is a suburban residential area to the north of Bucharest, bordered to the west by the district of Baneasa. It's predominantly known for its large business area and for its international schools including the American, British and French. This, including the vast amount of rental opportunities, has made it one of the most popular rental choices for professionals with families moving to the city. The area has a number of restaurants, supermarkets and shopping malls including Pipera Plaza and Jolie Ville. The rental opportunities mainly consist of spacious houses with private gardens, often including a swimming pool either situated on their own plot or part of a residential compound. The popularity of these residential compounds is plain to see by the very number of them, Ibiza, Zodiac, Oxford Gardens, Green Gate, Zenith, Baneasa Residential Park, Sunflower to name but a few. These tend to be popular with expatriates with families because of the opportunities to socialize and for the children to play outside in a nice, safe environment. A car is the main means of transport for residents, although there are some buses serving the location, and due to the new roads that have been built in the last few years the historic traffic problems have eased.